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Unique, luxurious and environmentally sustainable

Pompadour creates luxurious and environmentally friendly scented soy candles, massage oil candles and traditional hand made soaps. Our earth friendly range of candles and soaps are the ultimate experience for those who like to be both stylish and sustainable. Pompadour soy candles are hand poured with GMO free, organic soy wax. Pompadour soy candles are the earth friendly choice, clean burning and made from a renewable source. Pompadour candles and soaps are made in Australia with both beauty and earth in mind. Our products are vegan, they contain no palm oil or paraffin, and are available in seven unique fragrances.

Soy Candles

 Pompadour soy candles are hand poured in Australia with renewable pure soy wax. Enjoy soy candles, massage candles, soy melts, soy travel candles, soy votives in seven unique scents.